The most expected launch of the year – THE FIRST EVER BLACK EAU DE PARFUM BY LADY GAGA.

The first moment we saw the Lady Gaga Fame brief we were all extremely excited. Whatever one may think about Lady Gaga, one must also admit – she is unique. And so is her first fragrance. Obsessed with black fluid, and with visual aspects of the launching campaign we had worked like crazy to deliver the most impactful and high quality materials.

We initiated the launch at the biggest Sephora in Poland in Warsaw (Arkadia shopping center). Started with extraordinary dance show in a cage to the mix of core Gaga songs, like Judas and Bad Romance. The audience was thrilled.

People could take the experience with them by simply testing the fragrance or buying it at any Sephora in the country. All stores were filled with impactful exposition.

Why this project was special

Firts of all – because it was Lady Gaga!

Second – because it was the most important launch of the year for our Client – Coty.

We had to bear in mind that the launch was international (all countries almost at the same time), and that the client’s expectations were really really high. And we managed. Staying in touch with the Client every single day, approving with global team and Sephora. It all kept us going and wanting to be the best in what we were doing. Here are the effects.

And the fragrance itself is a bestseller!