What do you think when you hear Sustainable Agriculture? Well… hm… interesting… but what does it really mean? Our new challenge from Danone was to make people aware of the Sustainable Agriculture Program and even more – to make it a lifestyle subject that people would talk about. Brave enough, right?

We cannot say that we were excited during the briefing. Not too many of us – city people – had experienced real farming. And even if – it was when we were kids. Farming 20 years ago was so much different than it is today!

But we believed in the idea and value of the projects. The key message  was: THE BETTER THE COWS ARE TREATED, THE BETTER MILK THEY GIVE. AND FROM GOOD MILK COMES GOOD YOGHURT.

Danone Poland cooperates with 350 farmers who have around 17 000 cows. The Danone Sustainable Agriculture Program means: taking care of cows’ wellbeing, social and economical support for the farmers, and common environmental care. All this at the end translates into the highest quality of milk.

At the initial briefing indeed the agency showed reserved enthusiasm. Most of their staff never visited a farm, nor touched the cow:) Soon they selected a team who were unafraid to meet a real cow and a living farmer and they connected them to bloggers and other real people – a lot of them actually… I am so glad the agency took the challenge and left their creative offices – personal experience made the project exceptional and really well working –  said Przemek Pohrybieniuk – External Affairs & Sustainable Development Department at Danone.

Thanks to this program Danone receives best possible milk for Danone Yoghurt range, especially the plain (Natura) yoghurt, so not only cows and farmers benefit from this program. The end beneficiary is us – consumers.

So we had another goal to achieve – inform people about the program and this way prove the quality of Danone Natura Yoghurt.

The only tools we had was digital. So we had to be really smart and efficient. The other challenge was the communication language. The subject itself is quite seriuos and difficult, but we knew we could not patronize – people would not follow this ex-cathedra way of communication…


The strategy was to introduce DANKA COW as a BRAND HERO that would make the subject of sustainable agriculture easy to consume and fun to talk about. Then to combine possible digital tools. To be successful and effective we chose:

  • bloggers from different categories (not only culinary, but also lifestyle)
  • facebook
  • google adwords
  • website danonedlanatury.pl


We have selected 10 bloggers according to sctrictly deifned criteria and invited them to one of the farms supported by Danone. 5 days prior to the trip we had launched Facebook profile http://www.facebook.com/Natura.TuJestMiDobrze

The farm trip was fantastic and really educational. The farmer explained  everything about the cows life and treatment, but also about milk production. We even had some competitions where the bloggers could check their knowledge about cows weight, the lenght of their sleep or how much milk they give every day. The data was full of surprises. And this is how we combine fun with education. It really works.

We then made live coverage from the bloggers experience and they also did ther post relation on their blogs and facebook profiles.

All the rest you can start following on http://www.facebook.com/Natura.TuJestMiDobrze and danonedlantury.pl

For the full case study on the project please contact: szymon.slipko@brandsupport.pl