How to recruit 35.000 new customers having 35.000 of Baileys samples?

Seems to be simple – hand the samples over to your target group. But will their friendship with the brand last longer than consuming the sample? Of course not.

The strategy

Baileys is about friendship and celebrating little moments. So we asked ourselves a question: where do women celebrate their no occasion occasions? Where do they meet with friends apart from home?

In caffes! As simple as that!

So why not get consumers where they do live Baileys values and give them the chance to experience Baileys in connection with good amotsphere, joy, and friendship (btw – do you know any supermarket that offers that???).

We found a chain of caffes – W BIEGU CAFE with 17 spots in Poland (we had to consider Polish law and alcohol concession issues) and we agreed on introducing 2 new Baileys based product to their menu + additional promo and visibility aimed activities.

Actually the agencies were not briefed to find solutions in HORECA. Brand Support was the only agency that went out of the box, far beyond the brief, and far beyond our expectations and we believed straight away this strategy may work perfectly for Baileys.

The cooperation with W BIEGU CAFE was set for 3 months: OCT – DEC. We listed 2 new drinks in the menu: Latte Macchiato with Baileys and Baileys on the rocks. And to every Latte Macchiato with Baileys – a 50 ml sample was handed over to the consumers.

In total we sold 54 149 Bailyes based drinks, out of those 44 368 were Latte Macchiato with Baileys (the average monthly sales of basic Latte Macchiato was 40 000). We gave away all samples. And we made more than 900.000 people have positive contact with the brand – outside the standard point of sale.

In December we built huge expositions at main modern trade shops which helped us maintain and emphasise BEST SERVED WITH FRIENDS communication.

Why we love coffee

Because – combined with traditional point of sales – it let Baileys grow 40% in Poland. Do you need any other reason?

Oh, right. We do have another reason – Brand Support was awarded with Golden Arrow in the category of Experiential Marketing!:)