So we got another challenge from Astor. How to introduce a new product within a category, which Polish women rejected from 2 other producers that had already tried but failed?

Lip Tint is a permanent “lipstick”, and Polish women did not like strong and permanent make-up. How to change this perception and turn the fear into opportunity?

First of all we did what not all agencies do – we tried the product ourselves. With 15 different women in the agency, we had quite impressive number of consumer insights. And we got convinced! The product was cool, stayed on the lips for few hours, was not too strongly visible – meaning safe for Polish women, and – what a great competitive advantage – had a hydrating balm at the other end of the pen!

So the strategy was: give it try on a bigger scale and get opinion leading women convinced as well.

Before product launch we sent the set of Lip Tints to selected 70 bloggers. The interest was raised.

First impression?! Very nice. As you all know I like gadgets and having in my make up bag a lipsticks, which looks like markers from my school years, is giving me a lot of fun. Today, when I was using this product, my friend was full of doubts: „What are you doing? How are you gonna get rid of it?” haha. I explained to her what is all about and how the lipstic works and after that she tries to steal me one. So yes! I made an impression on her! Goal achieved! I can also tell you that this product smells wonderfully (exactly like fragrance markers :p), and is perfectly lasting  (I couldn’t get rid of it from my hand). I will give the final verdict till the end of the week.

So we were ready for the launch.  98% of our testers said YES to the product!
It was high time to hit the consumers.

And so we did with:

– press campaign

– launch of official Astor Poland Facebook profile

– supporting minisite

– consumer engaging competitions on Facebook






In the second flight of the campaign – summer – we introduced new Lip Tint colours. In basic way: in store, press, but also through consumer experience. We organized events on the 10 most visited Polish beaches. In few daily rounds we gathered women and girls, gave them Astor Lip Tint t-shirts, markers, courage and fun. The task for them was: in 3 minutes get as many phone numbers from men as possible. The best scores won beach accessories, and Lip Tints. All other participants were also awarded for their courage – with other Astor product.

This is what we call remaining in peoples’ hearts. We are 100% sure, that all of those women will have great emotional connections with Astor brand.

And besides we changed – at least for a moment – the landscape of Polish beaches. Women smiling, having fun from running, men helping them win. To see all this – really amazing:)