Tesco for Schools – CSR contest

January 11, 2013

We finished 2012 with a great project Tesco for Schools – the most important CSR project for Tesco Poland.. Our role was to build a communication platform, implement our CRM system and IT support.

10th anniversary edition of the “Tesco for Schools” is a film competition for students of primary and secondary schools under the slogan “Healthy fed.” This year’s theme is healthy and balanced nutrition. The contest also promotes consciuos shopping which is one of the most important aspects of Tesco’s social responsibilty.

The main platform of “Tesco for Schools” is an advanced website www.tescodlaszkol.pl, designed and implemented by us. For its purpose we implemented our CRM tool which is dedicated to servicing large competitions, based on the User-Generated Content module. The system enables advanced relationships management – through the platform participants can submit their videos, vote, and watch the interactive map of all contest applications. With the full integration of social media around the project we were able to build a mutually supporting ecosystem.

The CRM system implemented for Tesco has proven its value for our Clients and their customers in many previous projects for Danone (Breakfast Gives Power, Danone Nations Cup), BNP Real Estate or Peugeot. But what is also of high importance is the fact of shared values and common approach of Brand Support and Tesco to corporate social responsibility issues.

The competition continues till end of Jauary 2013. More on www.tescodlaszkol.pl.