Who we are


We deliver comprehensive marketing solutions by value-added marketing philosophy. We believe, that the future belongs to those marketers who offer consumers more than just product and brand image – who will create values important to their lives.

If you want to know how to create such added value – join our community on SHAKE YOUR BRAND on Facebook. Polish version at the moment. As soon as we develop an English one – we will announce it to the whole world:)


We support brands at every stage of their lives: introduction, image and sales building, revitalization and repositioning.

We create effective campaigns based on the actual brand value and the added value that the brand offers to its customers.

Then we integrate proper communication channels to pass the right message to the right audience, increase sales, and let the brand stay not only in peoples homes, but first of all in peoples hearts and minds.

We target campaings to people who share the brand values, who are able to live the brand, and pass brand message to their friends. That’s how we understand modern marketing, and that’s the strategy that works for ages.

Products change, peoples behaviours change. The values remain the same through all your life.

Were you curious as a child? Sniffing all corners, digging in the ground for worms, exploring forests and fields? We bet you are still curious, you just sniff different corners.


Meet the staff


Aurelia Szokal-Egierd


She’s the one who keeps people motivated and loving what they do for your brand.

After hours: travels to bring inspiration from big world to the local community.

Best ability: makes complicated things easy and finds at least 4 solutions to every task.

Personal values: respect, curiosity, playfullness, creativity.

She will gladly share the agency’s past, today and tomorrow: aurelia.szokal@brandsupport.pl


Jarek Goławski

Jarosław Goławski

A unique combination of creativity and logical and analytical thinking.
Do you know many others like him?

After hours: audiophile, collector of vintage audio tubes and vinyls, heavy biker.

Best abilitiy: understanding complicated structures for getting simple answers and better results.

Personal values: development, ethics.

For answers to most difficult strategic questions: jarek.golawski@brandsupport.pl



Tomasz Zawistowski

He brings reliability and assurance to what we do for you. Together with his team Tomek takes care of presentations, cost estimations, and delivering to you on time.

After hours: short movie maker

Best ability: finds easy answers to difficult questions

Personal values: honesty, safety

Best address for sending you brief, inquiry or opinion:  tomasz.zawistowski@brandsupport.pl